10 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Songs - Beginners To Intermediate (Audio and Sheet Music Download)

by TL Music Lessons

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Copyright: You are free to print copies of the sheet music for a group and you are also free to perform the songs in public. You can treat it like public domain work. Please do not redistribute digitally.


A rich texture of 6 guitar and ukulele parts blended to form relaxing and interesting original acoustic music


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What's in the download?
* 10 audio tracks
* 10 more audio tracks with count in (for playing along)
* 3 x PDF sheet music ebooks for GUITAR (Level 1-3)
* 3 x PDF sheet music ebooks for UKULELE (Level 1-3)
* 10 'Guitar Pro' master files containing all the music notation

About the 6 Individual Sheet Music ebooks

Guitar 1: Beginners Guitar focusing more on chords
Guitar 2: Advanced Beginners focusing more on melody
Guitar 3: Beginners to Intermediate focusing more on lead
Ukulele 1: Beginners Guitar focusing more on chords
Ukulele 2: Advanced Beginners focusing more on melody
Ukulele 3: Beginners to Intermediate focusing more on lead

Who Is It For?

* Grade 1-3 levels of guitar and ukulele
* Guitar Teachers, Ukulele Teachers can print these for their students
* Leaders of Guitar and/or Ukulele ensembles
* Students looking to learn on their own

About The Songs

1. Latin Jazz Lounge

The verse has a Chilled Jazz feel with the moody melody and warm chord progression. The chorus has more of a Latin feel to it. The overall style is called Latin Lounge Jazz.

2. Barmouth Beach
When I bought my first ukulele, I bought it because we were going to Barmouth beach. My mum and I had a ukulele jam on a wall overlooking the beach. A year later I began teaching the ukulele and not long after that, I wrote this song.

3. Japanese Garden
This song was the first of the 10 songs to be written. After many revisions, here we have Japanese Garden. The song is quite tranquil and evoked thoughts of a Japanese Garden.

4. Red Dragon
One of my students started making vocals for this song and it began with the line 'Dragons have been Legends' - I liked it and it made me entitle the song 'Red Dragon' because of this and also because of living and working in Wales!

5. Croeso
This song started from being given a piece of paper from a primary school student saying "Thank you", which included some hand written ukulele tab. I developed the melody to make this song. Croeso means 'Welcome' in Welsh, or it can also be used to say 'You're Welcome'.

6. Nine Lives
This song has quite a mystical sounding into. It was written in the time signature 9/8, which can also be counted as 3/4. Because of the "9" and the feel of the intro, it helped me to think of "9 Lives", both because of the number an because of the mystical sound. Track 6 is always my favourite on any album and out of all the animals, cats are my favourite.

7. Black Ice
I wanted the main riff to sound heavy like an AC/DC riff. In honour to them I named the song after one of their album titles.

8. Pyramid
This song has a distinctive Egyptian riff, so I decided to name the song after something you would find in Egypt. I also thought the atmosphere of the song suited the title Pyramid.

9. Blue Rock Salt
This is a classic repeating 12 bar blues song. It has a Blues/Rock style, which is where the inspiration for the title came from. If you don't know what it is (I didn't), just google 'blue rock salt' - it's interesting stuff!

10. White Water
The song represents a large river that is moving along strongly with with a sense of grace and eminence, creating white water in places with large rocks. There is a heavier section that represents a crashing waterfall.

After over a year of writing, arranging, rehearsing and amending these 10 songs for beginners guitar and ukulele groups, I recorded the 6 parts throughout May in my little home studio using Abelton Live 9 and an AKG C1000S mic. After a little mixing and then mastering using Landr they were released in May 2016 on bandcamp and also uploaded to the streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music via Ditto Music. I also uploaded the songs to Sentric Music to pitch for TV and Film placements.

The 10 songs in this series of guitar and ukulele songs have 3 difficulty levels. The songs are not for complete beginners. From my own experience of teaching guitar grades, I would say that the 3 levels for each instrument are roughly grade 1, grade 2 and entry level grade 3. This is not based on any particular grading system.. The range of the 3 levels could also be categorised as beginners to intermediate.

The songs were initially written to be played by the MYM Guitar & Ukulele Group, and were tried and tested over the course of 1 year. The ages of that group ranged from 7 to 12, all of whom had been taking music lessons for at least a year.

Many revisions have already been made by the time I launch this book, even whilst recording the songs at the end, so you can be sure that they are well structured and a useful tool for teaching with, or teaching yourself to play along with songs using sheet music.

I hope that these song books help many self taught students, or ones that are being guided by a tutor. These books are also for guitar and ukulele teachers or group leaders to download and print as needed for their students or group. You only need to purchase the download once, and you will then be free to print as many copies as needed.


released May 30, 2016



all rights reserved